Alternative and Holistic Medicines – The Wave of the Future?

Alternative and Holistic medicines have been used from around, oh, the beginning of memory for humans, so the title is quite the misnomer, to say the least. Today the scene of health care is changing rapidly and so is the way that people are addressing individual health and well being. As the many types of practical solutions for simple illnesses or conditions are given more weight in the scientific community, the more the healthcare insurance industry is realizing that this method of treatment is as good as any traditional medicines being used in the healthcare industry. The insurances are starting to cover Alternative and Holistic health care.

The basic definition of health is to free of disease and from injury. Whole body wellness has become the focus of many healthcare plans because in this manner, more preventative medicine is being practiced rather than reactive medicine. A proactive approach to wellness brings a better quality of life as well as quantity. Conventional medicine is often reactive rather than proactive and this is a great shift in the paradigm of thinking among healthcare professionals, though Alternative and Holistic practitioners have been conducting their medical plans this way since the start of memory.

Western medicine started recognizing Alternative and Holistic medical practices around fifteen to twenty years ago, back in the mid 80′ to early 90’s. Alternative and Holistic medicines have been used in many countries around the world as a normal way to treat certain conditions, but conventional medicine disciplines did not have much faith in the founding part of their profession. A good analogy is that we all think when we are young that our parents just don’t know what is what, well, the medical field is much the same way, they didn’t think the foundation of modern medicine was practical any longer and the Alternative and Holistic practitioners no longer knew what is what.

The past decade has brought great discontent with the managed care systems that are in place. The cost of healthcare sky rocketed about the same time and these two events have allowed the Alternative and Holistic approach to medicine to flourish.

Whole body wellness is based on a healthy nutritional style of eating and lifestyle changes that can radically alter the way the body processes food and uses exercise. A very good instance of this is when someone stops smoking. Almost immediately the amount of oxygen that is being taken in is increased and the ability of the lungs to process this oxygen into the blood stream is better. More oxygen in the system means clearer thinking, better muscular performance and a better cardiovascular performance. What a change this can make in a person’s life!

It is expected that the healthcare consumer is fully informed and involved in the healthcare decisions that are made concerning their personal health. The patients that take advantage of the opportunity to access global heath information and treatment options are the wave of the future. Alternative and Holistic medicines are being used by more

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